MTC funding helps add parking to BART's Antioch station
Mark Prado December 16, 2021
Antioch BART station parking

Money from MTC has helped fund the opening of 850 additional parking spaces at BART’s Antioch Station.


Post-pandemic travel surge synchs with SFO AirTrain extension, parking promotion

In a stroke of fortuitous timing, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)’s completion this spring of a long-planned project to extend its AirTrain electric people-mover system to the airport’s long-term parking facility has coincided with Bay Area residents’ enthusiastic return to air travel as the COVID-19 pandemic eases its grip on the region. Among the flyers taking early advantage of the AirTrain extension — and a special discount parking promotion — is MTC video journalist Mark Jones, who filed this thumbs-up review. Read More


New Book Explores the Latest and Greatest Research on Parking, the “Cinderella of Transportation”

By Chirag Rabari

For many years in planning and transportation circles, parking was a subject taken for granted – like the air we breathe or the water we drink. It was so much a part of the built environment, so necessary for modern mobility, and – frankly – so esoteric that it didn’t warrant much consideration beyond the fact there should be plenty of it, and it shouldn’t cost too much either. This started to change in 2005 when UCLA professor Donald Shoup synthesized decades of at-the-time lonely research on the subject in his book, The High Cost of Free Parking. As summarized in the above video from Vox Read More