Data: San Francisco office occupancy ticks upward

Downtown San Francisco
Mark Prado

Earlier this month, San Francisco cracked the 60% office occupancy mark on the highest attendance day of the week, with San Jose at 55% per Kastle Systems

Tuesdays tend to be the days when buildings see the most occupancy and Fridays the least. Kastle also reports office occupancy reaching a record high since the start of the pandemic earlier in the month.

To provide some clarity on the issues facing American businesses, Kastle is tracking access activity data from KastlePresence app, keycard, and fob usage in the 2,600 buildings and 41,000 businesses it secures across 47 states. Kastle is analyzing the anonymized data to identify trends in how Americans are returning to the office, the company notes on its site.

Office Occupancy chart

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