Report paints portrait of Bay Area telecommuters

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Matilda Wormwood via Pexels

A new report focusing on what sets the remote workforce apart in the Western U.S. paints a picture of Bay Area employees who work from home.

In an era where remote work defines the new normal, the study from CoworkingMag put together a resource that offers an in-depth look at the demographics, education, income and other characteristics shaping today’s modern remote workers. 

This is what the remote worker profile looks like in the San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont metro area: 

  • The share of remote workers reaches 27% of the total workers aged 16 and over, representing the largest share among the Western metros analyzed. Out of this share, 51.9% are male, above the regional distribution of 49.7%.
  • Millennials comprise the largest share of remote workers at 43.6%, followed closely behind by Gen X with 34.8%, above the Western regional rates which stand at 40.4% and 33.3%, respectively.
  • The San Francisco metro area registered the second-largest share of highly educated teleworkers with 80.1% having at least a BA degree, with San Jose metro having the most at 81.8%.
  • While the Western median income among remote workers reaches $75,000 per year, a whopping 68.5% of the San Francisco metro teleworkers receive that amount or more. The median income in this is $117,000 per year, the second highest wage among the Western MSAs analyzed, right after the San Jose metro area's $132,300.
  • In terms of specific industries, 36.7% of the total remote workforce here operates in the professional and business industries, while 14.7% are present in the educational and healthcare services.

Check out the report's interactive visual here:


SF work from home data

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