Study: Bay Area providing tech opportunities for women

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As the nation celebrates Women's Day and Women's History month, a new CoworkingCafe study looks at the country's top metropolitan areas for women working in tech

Not surprisingly, the Bay Area stood out as a top place for women to succeed in the tech field. The report notes:

  • California stood out in the study for checking two popular metros among the Top 5 large U.S. metro areas for female tech professionals: San Jose placed first nationwide and San Francisco took the third spot.
  • Female tech workers in San Francisco check the second-highest earnings in the country, at a yearly median wage of $138,000, surpassed only by San Jose, with a median of $147,000 per year.
  • San Francisco registers the fourth-highest density of tech jobs among the large metros analyzed with 74 per 1,000 jobs, making it easier for women to find professional opportunities in the tech sector.
  • The Bay Area also boasts a solid coworking space density of almost four per 100,000 residents, ranking fifth among the large U.S. metros in this category.
  • The San Francisco metro makes it easier for women working in tech to access healthcare, as 63.2% of women professionals have health insurance as part of their employment benefits, the seventh-highest share among all the large metros analyzed.

In regard to San Jose, the report notes: "Female tech workers in San Jose had the highest earnings in the country at a yearly median wage of $147,000. Granted, the spending in this region is also high, given that San Jose had the second-highest prices among the more than 200 metros on our list (surpassed only by San Francisco). However, the San Jose metro also makes it easier for female tech workers to access health care as nearly 66% of professional women have health insurance as part of their employment benefits — the highest share among all of the large metros analyzed, as well as one of the highest in the country.

As the capital of Silicon Valley and the ultimate tech hub, San Jose is home to more than 6,600 tech companies and checked the most professional tech opportunities out of all of the locations studied at 148 per 1,000 jobs. And, with giant tech companies — like Adobe, Netflix, Cisco, eBay and PayPal — operating from here, it’s only natural that San Jose would take the lead in our ranking with great scores across the board."

As for San Francisco: "Known as one of the nation’s AI capitals, the San Francisco Bay Area has the largest concentration of leading tech companies in the U.S. Accordingly, this translates into one of the highest numbers of professional tech opportunities (74 per 1,000 jobs), which was one of the factors that boosted the Bay Area’s ranking.

However, what also made this metro stand out was the high earnings attributed to female tech workers at $138,000 per year — the second-highest out of all of the metros analyzed. At the same time, San Francisco also boasted a solid coworking space density with almost four per 100,000 residents, which makes it easy for workers from any field to find a flexible workspace close to their homes."

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