Study: Bay Area good spot for those with graduate degrees

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San Jose and San Francisco stand out as the best metros for MBA students and graduates due to its highly educated workforce, large number of MBA-related careers and impressive median earnings, according to a new CoworkingCafe study.

Investing in an MBA degree not only increases marketability in a competitive global economy, but also develops the critical thinking and problem — solving skills that can define professional success, according to the report.

With that in mind, the study analyses more than 100 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) to determine which ones offered the best environment and opportunities for MBA graduates from both a professional and personal standpoint. 

The report notes:

  • The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara metro ranks second among the top 10 metro areas for MBA graduates. The South Bay has the highest median earning for MBA graduates at $160,037.
  • The San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley metro ranked ninth among metros. The metro registered the second-highest median earning for MBA graduates at $140,609 annually.
  • The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara metro has 27.7% of workers with graduate degrees. Of San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley metro workers, 23.6% have higher degrees.

Washington D.C. placed first in the study, with the report stating of the South Bay: "San Jose secured its runner-up position as a top destination for MBAs with the absolute highest share of the population holding graduate/professional degrees at nearly 28%. The metro also led the nation in terms of median earnings for MBA graduates, boasting an impressive $160,000 annually. Plus, with almost 10% of all jobs being MBA occupations, San Jose remains a hotbed for employment in business-related fields. At the same time, the metro also prioritizes employee well-being with 76% of its workforce having health insurance coverage — the second-highest percentage among the analyzed metros.  

What’s more, as one of the ultimate tech hubs globally, San Jose offers unparalleled opportunities for MBA graduates to immerse themselves in the dynamic and innovative landscape of technology and entrepreneurship. Here, San Jose State University is known for its successful MBA program. And, with a plethora of major employers and a vibrant business ecosystem, San Jose continues to attract top talent and cement its reputation as a premier destination for business students and graduates."

Of the San Francisco metro, the report reads: "Known for its thriving tech scene and exciting career prospects, San Francisco is also a hotspot for MBA students and graduates. Specifically, the metro ranked fourth in two highly relevant metrics — its highly educated workforce of almost 24% of the total population, as well as its high number of MBA-related careers with 10% of the overall jobs. It’s worth noting (that San Jose and San Francisco) were recently named among the top in the nation for women working in tech, further solidifying their reputations as enticing hubs for higher-educated professionals in a variety of fields. 

As expected, San Francisco is also a great place to be from a personal standpoint, given its hefty number of leisure establishments — almost 300 per 100,000 residents — and higher standard of life." 

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