African American contributions to transportation highlighted
Mark Prado February 3, 2022
Garrett Morgan, inventor of modern traffic light.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has produced a fascinating history of contributions to transportation made by African Americans.

Throwback Thursday: Two trips down Market Street, separated by 111 years
Mark Prado December 11, 2019

Just weeks prior to San Francisco’s devastating earthquake and fire of April 18, 1906, the Miles Brothers affixed a hand-cranked Bell & Howell camera to the front of a cable car, and filmed its journey eastward along Market Street from 8th Street to the Ferry Building.

Throwback Thursday: Key System and other forgotten Bay Area rail
Mark Prado October 3, 2019
By Mark Prado
Key System

Trains on the Bay Bridge? A streetcar rolling down Sloat Boulevard in San Francisco? Rails out to the Cliff House?

Throwback Thursday: What Might Have Been In The Bay Area
Land Use
Mark Prado November 29, 2018
By Mark Prado

A website — www.whatmighthavebeen.squarespace.com — highlights (with illustrations) a number of plans around the region that would have given the Bay Area a much different look today if they had come to fruition.