Gasoline -- Taxation


(Red and Blue) State Gas Tax Increases Since 1993

State Gas Tax Increases, 1992-2017

January's Map of the Month from MTC and ABAG Executive Director Steve Heminger looks at all the states that have passed legislation to raise their own state gas taxes since the United States Congress last increased the federal gas tax in 1993. As can be seen, a total of 38 states colored dark red and dark blue plus the District of Columbia have all raised state gas taxes, while 12 states colored light red and light blue have not.

From the Executive Director's latest report to the MTC Commission and ABAG Executive Board:

With passage of SB 1 in 2017, California has joined the ranks of 38 states – both red and blue – and the District of Columbia that have stepped up in the face of Congressional inaction and passed legislation to raise their own state gas taxes since Congress last did so in 1993. This map reaffirms that infrastructure investment can, and often does, transcend party lines, or as Norm Mineta used to say:  “There is no such thing as a Democratic bridge or a Republican road.”

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