Holy potholes! Runner busts leg landing in one

Miguel Tremblay via Wikimedia Commons.

Talk about about bad potholes. A Michigan runner said he broke his leg while stepping in one during a race in the city of Flint last weekend. 

Chris Derrick, a three-time U.S. Cross Country champion, said he was unable to see the pothole because of fellow runners around him.

Ouch. Race officials apologized. 

MTC keeps track of potholes and the like on Bay Area roads and there has been some improvement in road quality via new gas taxes, according to the most recent data.

MTC’s Vital Signs website provides even more detailed information on pavement conditions in each of the Bay Area’s nine counties and 101 cities, including both block-by-block analyses and a record of every municipality’s average PCI score for each year from 2003 through 2017.


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