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Study: Bay Area home prices skyrocket over 10 years
Mark Prado April 9, 2021

PropertyShark took a look back to see how the housing market had fared over the course of a decade, before the pandemic.


Back to transit: MTC, Bay Area look to a post-pandemic future

This is the first in an ongoing series of posts on the return to transit as MTC and the region look to a post-pandemic Bay Area. COVID-19 dealt a punishing blow to Bay Area residents and businesses that only now shows signs of easing. As the light at the end of the long pandemic tunnel appears to be growing brighter, MTC is working to get the region back on its feet for what comes next. Similar challenges face transportation agencies across the country and around the world. Read More

Report: Affordable housing erodes over last decade
Mark Prado January 7, 2021

Uneven changes in income and home prices have led to the erosion of housing affordability in the past decade, with mortgages becoming an increasing financial burden in 51 of the 100 cities looked at by the real estate site P2Homes in a new study.

Report: How SF real estate compares to rest of globe
Mark Prado December 4, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed space into one of the most valuable commodities, a new study from looks at how much space the median U.S. home price would get a homebuyer across the globe. As it turns out, San Francisco is one of the most unattainable cities in the world

Report: Bay Area housing remains among nation's costliest
Mark Prado November 24, 2020

PropertyShark has released its annual ranking of the 100 priciest zip codes in the United States determined by home sale prices and the Bay Area is well represented.

Report: Millennials face uphill battle to buy Bay Area homes
Mark Prado October 15, 2020

High down payments, a dearth of savings and a big gap between expectations and reality are the main hurdles on American Millennials’ face on their path to home ownership.

Earthquake event Thursday, ABAG has tools to help
Mark Prado October 13, 2020
By Mark Prado

With the annual Shake Out event coming up Thursday, the Association of Bay Area Governments wants to help you prepare for an earthquake. An online tool from ABAG is available to help residents identify potential earthquake-related damage to their homes and provides information on how to gird against the next big temblor.

Regional Agencies Seek Input on the Future of the Bay Area
Public Participation
Mark Prado July 10, 2020
Plan Bay Area 2050

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) are inviting the Bay Area public to provide input on the newly released Plan Bay Area 2050 Draft Blueprint, a 30-year regional vision that seeks to create a more affordable, connected, diverse, healthy and vibrant Bay Area for all. The Draft Blueprint is being released for a public comment period that will run through August 10, 2020.

Video: Bay Area transit agencies focus on safety
Mark Prado June 17, 2020

Through a continuing collaboration with Bay Area transit agencies, MTC video journalist Mark Jones shows how transit riders and transit operators are looking out for one another's health and safety as shelter-in-place restrictions evolve.

Coronavirus crisis feeds photographer’s thoughts on adapting
Mark Prado March 19, 2020
By Karl Nielsen

We, like the slime mold ... I’m a full-time freelance photographer with a love of science and an odd obsession with slime mold, a 600 million-year-old, often overlooked, misunderstood and mischaracterized single-celled organism that undulates across rotting foliage in damp forests. For the last two years, I have wanted to create a time-lapse photo sequence of slime mold in a Petri dish as it forages, navigates obstacles and thrives despite challenges.