Report: How SF real estate compares to rest of globe

As the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed space into one of the most valuable commodities, a new study from Point2homes.com looks at how much space the median U.S. home price would get a homebuyer across the globe. As it turns out, San Francisco is one of the most unattainable cities in the world

  • A $300,000-rich homebuyer would get 3,571-square-feet in Johannesburg, but would have to settle for 13 times less space in San Francisco: 274 square feet;
  • Homebuyers in Houston can get seven times more space compared to their fellow house-hunters in San Francisco;
  • In European tech hub Barcelona, $300,000 would buy 866 square feet, three times more than in San Francisco;
  • The only city where homebuyers would get less space is Hong Kong, China (144 square feet).

Link to the full ranking: https://www.point2homes.com/news/us-real-estate-news/living-space-work-from-home-appeal-in-worlds-50-famous-cities.html