MTC report shows condition of Bay Area transit fleets

By Mark Prado
SMART training rolling through downtown Novato
SMART train rolls through Novato,
Mark Prado

A new report from MTC's Vital Signs initiative shows the health of bus, ferry and train fleets around the Bay Area.

The report also highlights infrastructure such as stations and tracks. The data was self reported and provides a snapshot to the public of the age and condition of the region's transportation networks.

Heavy rail operators like BART and Caltrain are in the most need of new infrastructure, with the largest percentage of vehicles past their prime. The average fleet age for Muni and VTA is around 13 years, with many vehicles also nearing their useful life threshold.

With new BART trains already in service and plans for electric Caltrain locomotives to debut in 2022, regional performance in this area is expected to improve in future years, the report notes.

Here's a sampling of fleets by percentage considered beyond their useful lifespan:

  • BART, 79.7 percent
  • Caltrain, 67.2 percent
  • Golden Gate, 55.4 percent
  • AC Transit, 22.8 percent
  • MUNI, 20.5 percent




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