BART and MTC offer discount for Clipper mobile options

BART Clipper

BART and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) encourage travelers to put a Clipper card on their mobile phones instead of obtaining plastic Clipper cards because global supply chain issues have depleted the inventory of plastic cards. Clipper is available for mobile phones through either Apple Pay or Google Pay. Read More

BART addresses housing crisis by using station lot to show off ADUs
Mark Prado March 30, 2022
BART housing at Castro Valley Station

Two tiny model homes have landed at the Castro Valley Station parking lot, which is currently underutilized by passengers as BART continues to bring riders back to the system, the agency said.

BART GM relaunches rider listening tour at stations
Mark Prado August 9, 2021
BART GM Robert Powers

BART General Manager Bob Powers is relaunching his listening tour with a focus on visiting the top 10 ridership stations to hear from riders.