What is active transportation?

Biking in Larkspur
A cyclist rides over Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Larkspur on a bike/pedestrian bridge.
Mark Prado

What is active transportation?

When people walk, bike, scoot and skate — using what’s known as active transportation — they can travel short distances without relying on cars.

MTC’s Active Transportation Working Group is working to get more people moving by foot, bike, skateboard, scooter, wheelchair and other forms of “active transportation."

A diverse group of professionals at MTC are all working together to increase active transportation throughout the region.

The Active Transportation Working Group brings together:

  • Staff from MTC and other public agencies
  • Public health professionals
  • Transportation advocates
  • Consulting firms
  • Mobility companies

Together, this cross-sectional group is working on active transportation.

California’s Active Transportation Program (ATP) taps state and federal funds to support programs that make walking and biking better travel options for Bay Area residents.

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