Coronavirus crisis feeds photographer’s thoughts on adapting

Karl Nielsen

We, like the slime mold ...

I’m a full-time freelance photographer with a love of science and an odd obsession with slime mold, a 600 million-year-old, often overlooked, misunderstood and mischaracterized single-celled organism that undulates across rotting foliage in damp forests. For the last two years, I have wanted to create a time-lapse photo sequence of slime mold in a Petri dish as it forages, navigates obstacles and thrives despite challenges. Read More


Berkeley looks at pedestrian safety via Vision Zero

Pedestrian safety
Mark Prado
Vision Zero electronic sign along Franklin Street in San Francisco.

The Berkeley City Council approved a Vision Zero Action Plan at its March 10 meeting with a goal of promoting pedestrian safety. Vision Zero is a national program in more than 30 cities, including San Francisco, which has a goal of eliminating pedestrian traffic deaths. Read More