New Book Adds to Former MTC Staffer's Global Legacy

Hank Dittmar
Hank Dittmar. City of Santa Monica photo.

Former MTC staff member Hank Dittmar's DIY City: The Collective Power of Small Actions, posthumously published this summer by Island Press, reinforces Dittmar's influence on the fields of transportation, urban planning and global sustainability by sounding a note of caution about grandiose design schemes and emphasizing instead the big impacts that can be made by smaller adjustments to the urban fabric Read More


Scott Haggerty Named Transportation Foundation's Person of the Year

The California Transportation Foundation (CTF) this week named MTC Chair Scott Haggerty as its Person of the Year, recognizing the longtime Alameda County Supervisor during its 31st annual Transportation Awards presentation. Haggerty's nomination for the award was jointly sponsored by MTC and the Alameda County Transportation Commission, for which Haggerty served as Chair from 2013 to 2016. Read More