What is transit priority?

Transit Priority Policy

What is transit priority?

MTC is working with transit agencies and with Caltrans, cities and counties to plan and implement transit priority infrastructure that increases the speed and reliability of Bay Area buses and light rail trains.

Transit priority is a toolbox of policies and infrastructure that help transit passengers get to their destination more quickly. Tools can include roadway design, traffic enforcement, new traffic signals and more.

Making transit faster and more reliable improves the customer experience and encourages more people to use transit. Investing in transit priority throughout the Bay Area roadway network helps meet the climate and equity goals of the long-range regional plan, Plan Bay Area 2050 and the Transit Transformation Action Plan.  

Since 2012, MTC has invested over $100 million through the Transit Performance Initiative to improve speed and reliability on high-ridership transit lines throughout the Bay Area. MTC also is:

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