SMART rolling toward Larkspur

By Mark Prado
Mark Prado

The Sonoma-Marin Area Rail transit agency is marching south from San Rafael to Larkspur and expects to start service later this year.

The train will go from San Rafael to Larkspur via the Calpark Hill Tunnel. This week that tunnel is closed for work on the extension to Larkspur with a detour in effect.

Work has been ongoing at the San Rafael Transit Center to help ready trains to pass through that terminal on the way to Larkspur. Rail service kicked off in August 2017, connecting Santa Rosa in Sonoma County to San Rafael in Marin County, with stops in between.

SMART expects service to Larkspur to begin in late 2019. In Larkspur, train riders can transfer to ferries going into San Francisco. SMART will then focus on extended rail north to Windsor. MTC has supported the SMART rail line.

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