SFMTA releases 2022 Safe Streets evaluation

Scooter rider
Mark Prado

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has released its 2022 Safe Streets evaluation, summarizing efforts around San Francisco from 2017 to present to prevent injuries and deaths.

San Francisco adopted Vision Zero in 2014, a citywide and inter-departmental commitment to prioritize street safety and eliminate traffic deaths in San Francisco, the summary notes.

Data-driven analysis is at the core of San Francisco’s Vision Zero program, allowing the city to cost-effectively prioritize limited resources. As part of that data-driven approach, SFMTA maintains a Safe Streets Evaluation Program to measure the outcomes of safety investments.

The evaluation summary provides an overview of the impacts of recent SFMTA street projects on safety and other metrics.

MTC has adopted a regional Safety/Vision Zero policy and has begun development on a Regional Integrated Safety Data System to provide jurisdictions with a consistent source of data and tools for conducting safety analyses and informing their safety plans and projects. More information on the Vision Zero Working Group can be found here.

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