Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge Final Projects Revealed

By Chirag Rabari
Bird Tower on the Grand Bay Way
Common Ground / Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge

The evidence is everywhere: sea levels are on the rise and countries around the world must adapt before disaster strikes. The San Francisco Bay Area is at the forefront of this nascent adaptation effort with the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge, which in May 2017 selected nine high-powered teams from across the globe to come up with innovative design ideas that address sea level rise and resilience to climate change around the region.

Now, a year later, Resilient by Design is excited to share the final design concepts developed by local residents, community organizations, public officials and local, national, and international experts. These concepts are “meant to inspire, catalyze action, and push us along the path to a more resilient future.

Click on the map below to view final projects. Video summaries of each effort are also provided below the map. 

Major funding for Resilient By Design comes from the Rockefeller Foundation. Other funders include the California State Coastal Conservancy, Bay Area Regional Collaborative, the Seed Fund, Santa Clara Valley Water District, City and County of San Francisco, Resources Legacy Fund, Marin Community Foundation, Pacific Gas and Electric, and MTC.

For more information, visit the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge website.  

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