Report: Marin County e-bikes have bright future

Marin has produced a report to identify the potential role e-bikes can play as part of the transportation system in the county, and the results are promising.

The report looked at the history of e-bike development, the technical aspects of e-bikes, trends in sales and usage, ridership in Marin County, and specific actions public and private entities can do to support their use.

It concludes there has been a rapid rise of e-bikes as part of the transportation systems in Marin communities and they appeal to a broader range of users than traditional bicycles, offering greater range and access.

E-bikes could transform bicycling in Marin, where steep hills and narrow roads inhibit traditional bicycling. E-bikes could also help extend the range and accessibility of SMART train and bus transit systems, providing an important boost in ridership, the report notes.

MTC is working to increase bicycle and micromobility trips in the region. For MTC, micromobility encompasses all small fully or partially human-powered vehicles (both personal and shared-use fleets) such as bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters, as well as specialized vehicle types such as cargo bikes, mobility-assistance devices, wheelchairs, accessible bikes and scooters.

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