Report highlights Marin transportation projects

Marin-Sonoma Narrows
Marin Sonoma Narrows
Mark Prado

The Transportation Authority of Marin periodically provides updates on the status and progress of the many projects that are sponsored and/or funded by TAM. 

The latest report provides updates on these projects:

  • US-101 Marin-Sonoma Narrows - B7 and B8
  • North-South Greenway Gap Closure Project
  • Class IV Bikeway on the I-580 SFD Off-Ramp
  • Bellam Boulevard Off-Ramp from NB US-101
  • NB US-101 to EB I-580 Direct Connector
  • State Route 37
  • Highway 101 Interchanges Study
  • Marin County US-101 Part Time Transit Lane Study
  • Alternative Fuels Program

MTC and TAM are transportation partners.

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