Public input sought on Bay Area's future

Plan Bay Area 2050
Noah Berger

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) invite Bay Area residents to help shape the future of the region through 2050 by providing their input at a series of “Pop Up” events.

MTC and ABAG are holding Plan Bay Area 2050 Pop Ups around the region that are scheduled through early November. MTC and ABAG staff will be on hand, asking the public for thoughts on strategies to make the Bay Area more affordable, better connected, economically vibrant, healthy and diverse over the next generation. 

Plan Bay Area 2050 is a 30-year roadmap, charting a course for how the nine-county region will grow and how it can support this growth with new infrastructure. Using input from the public, business and nonprofit organizations, and local governments, the long-range plan will integrate transportation, housing, the economy and the environment. The plan will be grounded in equity to ensure that no group will be left behind. It will also address resilience to earthquakes, wildfires and rising sea levels, and the unknowns of driverless vehicles, economic booms and busts, changing consumer preferences, among other issues.

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