Proposal by flap sign at Ferry Building

Proposal at Ferry Building

Call it proposal by flap sign.

Amy Garczynski proposed to her boyfriend, Adnan Chowdhury, at the San Francisco Ferry Building late last month. But this wasn't any proposal, she had a little help from the flap sign at the building. A part of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Hub Signage Program, the distinctive flap sign hearkens back to the glory days of travel. 

Usually, the sign offers thousands of daily ferry passengers departure times for routes to Vallejo, Alameda, Oakland, Larkspur, Sausalito, Tiburon and Angel Island.

But Amy conjured up another plan for the flap sign with the help of those who manage it. She took Adnan on a scavenger hunt, with the final clue leading up to the ferry building sign.

"When we got to the board, he thought we were getting ready to take a ferry," Amy said. "We spoke about which ferry times work for us, and then I said that we should wait to see what ferries are on page 2 before making a decision."

That's when the sign flashed: "ADNAN - I LOVE YOU FOREVER WILL YOU MARRY ME - AMY " 

"Of course, I'll marry you," was Adnan's response as the couple started crying.

"I then gave a short speech asking him to marry me and we started crying again. Then, when we turned around, people started clapping for us," Amy said. "This is such a special location for us, and we'll remember it forever."

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