Preview of 7/13 Meetings: MTC Standing Committees – “Diesel Free by ‘33” Initiative, 3 Pieces of State Legislation

By Julie Teglovic
The interior of the board meeting room at the Bay Area Metro Center.
Noah Berger

Three MTC standing committee meetings are scheduled for Friday, July 13 starting at 10:00 a.m. at the Bay Area Metro Center. Here are links to the full agendas and meeting packets:

Highlights from the agendas:

  • The Planning Committee will seek Commission approval of a “Diesel Free by ‘33” Statement of Purpose, an attempt to reduce diesel emissions in communities from stationary and mobile sources to zero by December 31, 2033, in partnership with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
  • The Planning Committee will also receive an overview of Horizon’s development process for futures (i.e., “what if” scenarios), including a proposed shortlist to study over the coming year.
  • The Legislation Committee will seek Commission action on three pieces of state legislation:
    • Senate Bill 1 Repeal Initiative: Proposition 6 – A November 2018 statewide ballot measure, which would repeal the transportation funding increase authorized by SB 1 (Beall, 2017)
      • Proposed Commission action: Oppose
    • Propositions 1 and 2: Affordable Housing and Homelessness Bonds – November 2018 statewide ballot measures to approve $6 billion in housing and homelessness bonds.
      • Proposed Commission action: Support
    • SB 1376 (Hill): Transportation Network Companies: Accessibility – SB 1376 would require the Public Utilities Commission to develop regulations relating to accessibility for persons with disabilities. The bill would also require the commission to conduct workshops with stakeholders in order to determine community demand, transportation provider supply, and educational outreach objectives and to develop programs for on-demand services, service alternatives, and partnerships.
      • Proposed Commission action: Support

Tune in live to the meetings on Friday from our Live Webcasts page, and bookmark the main Meetings page to keep up with all MTC meetings.