MTC speeds up transit with BRT funding

Van Ness Avenue San Francisco
Joey Kotfica

MTC is partnering with cities, counties and transportation agencies to bring more Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors to the Bay Area.

BRTs breeze past traffic, just like light rail trains, but are cheaper to build than trains. They speed up public buses with a combination of streamlined routes and improvements to on-street facilities. These improvements include dedicated lanes, center boarding islands for bus passengers and signal timing technology so buses avoid having to wait at red lights.

Time saved with BRTs can really add up. In San Francisco, trips on Muni’s new Van Ness Express bus corridor are 35% faster than they were before the BRT opened. (That’s even better than the 32% time savings that Muni predicted.)

MTC has contributed more than $75 million to several BRT projects in the Bay Area:

Bus Rapid Transit is just one tool that local agencies are using to reduce traffic delays and fight air pollution. Learn more about MTC’s Climate Initiatives program.

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