MTC releases updated equity bench catalog: leveraging expertise to advance equity in the Bay Area

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The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is dedicated to advancing equity both internally and throughout the diverse communities of the Bay Area. As part of this commitment, MTC’s Accessibility, Culture, and Racial Equity (ACRE) office is excited to announce the launch of the updated Equity Bench Catalog, a valuable resource designed to support public agencies in their efforts to promote a just and inclusive Bay Area.

Background: In response to strong demand, MTC opened up the Equity Consultant Bench and doubled the number of firms, which now has 55 main consultants and numerous subconsultants. This initiative reflects MTC’s ongoing dedication to advancing equity in all aspects of our work. By intentionally adopting "cooperative use" language, we aim to help sibling public agencies seeking to enhance their equity efforts.

What is the Equity Bench Catalog? The Equity Bench Catalog serves as a comprehensive directory of qualified firms with demonstrated expertise in advancing equity across five focus areas. These firms have undergone a rigorous selection process and have been vetted for their capacity to support public agencies in various equity-related initiatives.

Key Features: 

  • Diverse Expertise: The catalog showcases a wide range of firms specializing in areas such as community engagement, racial equity analysis, transportation equity planning, and more.
  • Demonstrated Capacity: Each firm included in the catalog has a proven track record of success in advancing equity within their respective fields.
  • Cooperative Use: Public agencies can leverage MTC's contracting process to access the services of these qualified firms, streamlining the procurement process and ensuring compliance with contracting standards.

How to Use the Catalog: Public agencies seeking support in advancing their equity efforts can use the Equity Bench Catalog to identify potential consulting partners. Whether you are embarking on a transportation equity planning initiative, conducting a racial equity analysis, or engaging with diverse communities, the catalog offers a diverse array of firms equipped to meet your needs.

Get Started Today: We encourage public agencies to explore the Equity Bench Catalog and familiarize themselves with the range of qualified firms available to support their equity efforts. Together, we can build a Bay Area where everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

For inquiries or assistance regarding the Equity Bench Catalog, contact: Ky-Nam Miller at

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