Golden Gate Suicide Barrier Work Underway

Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier work
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District photo

One of the more significant projects now underway in the Bay Area is the suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge.

When bids for the project came in over budget in 2016, MTC provided $40 million to fill a gap for the critical work, expected to save hundreds of lives. In all, MTC has provided about $75 million to the project.

Work below the span is now visible to the public. The entire $204 million project involves installing the equivalent of seven football fields of netting along the 1.7-mile bridge that will be placed on struts.

The net will be made of stainless steel, marine-grade cable to stand up to the elements. The bridge district’s barrier plan calls for a net extending 20 feet below and 20 feet from the side of the span, although it will have to be modified in certain areas because of surrounding terrain.

The bridge district is targeting January 2021, as the date to finish the project.

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