Bay Area sets priorities for billions in federal transportation funding

BART Train
Karl Nielsen

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has unanimously endorsed a federal advocacy strategy to maximize the Bay Area’s share of the more than $100 billion in competitive grants made available through the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Competition for these grants will be fierce, within California and from around the country. The regional grant strategy will enable the Bay Area to unify advocacy behind a short list of regionally significant priority projects — developed in partnership with Bay Area transportation partners — for a select number of the new or expanded grant programs across modes. 

The strategy — approved by the MTC Wednesday — also leaves more than $25 billion spread across almost 20 other new federal grant programs “up for grabs” since they are oriented more towards local priorities.

More information on funding visit the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law grants page on MTC’s website. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced $2.9 billion in funding availability for three important Bipartisan Infrastructure Law grants targeting major infrastructure projects of regional and national significance (MEGA, INFRA, and the Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program). MTC will be working with project sponsors for those projects identified for regional endorsement in those categories.  

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