Caltrans releases Bay Area pedestrian plan

Crosswalk with pedestrians crossing.
Mark Prado

Caltrans District 4 this week released its Pedestrian Plan for the Bay Area, serving as a reference for planners and project designers who aspire to make road projects more pedestrian friendly.

Full of charts and graphics, the pedestrian plan is also a resource for anyone interested in making walking easier and safer on Bay Area roads.

The pedestrian plan complements a bicycle plan released earlier this year. Both documents promote alternatives to driving as a means of reducing congestion, combating greenhouse gases and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

The plan was developed in collaboration with partner agencies  — including MTC  — along with advocates and members of the public.   

Those interested in pedestrian issues can also access the Pedestrian Story Map, which allows viewers to look at conditions on state highways throughout the Bay Area.  

MTC is also looking at pedestrian safety issues around the Bay Area.