The Blog is Back!

By Mark Prado
Sophie Janotta via Wikimedia Commons
Sophie Janotta via Wikimedia Commons

Heard ya missed me, well I'm back! Welcome to the re-launch of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission-Association of Bay Area Governments blog! Here we will provide useful information about what the two agencies are up to, adding some context along the way. What could be better?

Many polls show traffic, housing and where to find gluten-free food are among the top issues in the region. Unfortunately, the agencies can’t help with gluten-free options, but they are well equipped to help tackle the first two issues and then some.

The folks at MTC and ABAG are working to help tackle multiple regional issues. The blog is here to keep people abreast of some of the latest plans and projects that are being worked on or implemented. We will also take a look at news from around the region and elsewhere as it relates to the agencies' missions.

We’d like to hear from you too, and there is a place to comment below. Government works best when people are involved. Let’s just keep it civil. By the way, who am I? The person behind the curtain? I’m Mark Prado, a former Bay Area newspaper reporter (or a “recovering journalist” as I have been called by the top brass here.) In my former life I was decent at paring down government jargon, and I hope to do the same for the readers here.

OK! Away we go! And, as the Bay Area's own Sly said...