Bayview transit equity project recognized with award

9R San Bruno rapid bus in Bayview

A San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency project assisted by MTC to improve transportation in the traditionally underserved Bayview-Hunter's Point neighborhood has been awarded the 2021 National APA award for Advancing Diversity & Social Change

The Bayview Community Based Transportation Plan represents a new commitment to the Bayview-Hunters Point community in the southeast corner of San Francisco.

MTC launched a pilot program for Participatory Budgeting in 2018 with a $1 million set-aside from its Lifeline Transportation Program, which supports transit and access to transportation for low-income communities. The pilot program was developed with the goal of democratizing transportation planning and investment for the Bay Area’s most marginalized communities.

The SFMTA was one of two partners for the pilot program and received $600,000 to allocate through Participatory Budgeting, matched with $150,000 in Proposition K transportation sales tax funds. 

As part of the project, a GIS-based equity index tool to identify concentrations of residents vulnerable to transportation challenges was brought to the community for recalibration, giving residents a voice in shaping the future of Bayview.

The final plan outlines action items for both short and long-term implementation, and the highest priority recommendation — the return of the 15 bus line to downtown San Francisco, 15 years after it was discontinued — has already been implemented. The final plan includes recommendations that expand beyond the scope of the Bayview to tackle everything from transit service and safety to anti-displacement strategies, further demonstrating the commitment to centering the voices and needs of the community.