Bay projects in Marin and San Francisco get more than $350,000 for work

Bothin Marsh and the Sausalito-Mill Valley path, part of the Bay Trail, intersect in Marin County.
Bothin Marsh and the Sausalito-Mill Valley path, part of the Bay Trail, intersect in Marin County. Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy photo.

The Governing Board of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority has authorized funding for two projects, one that addresses a sometimes flooded section of the Bay Trail in Marin County, with the other revegetating a section of upland habitat at Candlestick Point in San Francisco.

Each year, the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority allocates approximately $25 million raised by the June 2016 voter-approved Measure AA parcel tax to shoreline projects that protect, restore, and enhance San Francisco Bay, while connecting communities to the bayshore.

The most recent approvals came last month and address the:

  • Evolving Shorelines Project at Bothin Marsh

    $255,000 to Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to develop a conceptual design into schematic design (35% level of design) to protect, restore, and enhance the Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve and elevate and realign a one-mile segment of the Bay Trail out of its existing flood prone location. 
  • Candlestick Point Stewardship Project 

    $100,000 to Literacy for Environmental Justice for restoration activities through the Candlestick Point Stewardship Project in the City and County of San Francisco. This project will focus primarily on revegetating approximately 2 acres of upland habitat adjacent to bayland habitats, which is part of the shoreline habitat mosaic. It also includes workforce development training, trash clean-up, monitoring and reporting of destructive activities for a two year period, native plant propagation, and community engagement within the entire project area.

The Restoration Authority is staffed by the State Coastal Conservancy and the Association of Bay Area Governments, including the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, under a Joint Powers Agreement. 

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