BART's Fruitvale Station undergoes seismic strengthening

BART Fruitvale Station in Oakland.
BART Fruitvale Station in Oakland. Pi via Wikimedia Commons.

As part of the BART systemwide Earthquake Safety Program, seismic work is being done at the Fruitvale station.

The Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities has determined there is a 72 percent probability of at least one earthquake of magnitude 6.7 or greater striking somewhere in the Bay Area before 2043.

BART's earthquake safety construction consists of seismic retrofit work performed on each footing and pier cap (a beam connecting two columns) that serves to support the BART trackway under the alignment. Work continues inside and outside the Fruitvale Station and is in its final phases of construction.

Concrete trucks, concrete pump/hose, scissor lifts, drill rigs, along with flaggers will be on site to assist with traffic control. The work is taking place from about 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is continuing almost daily on weekdays through the end of this month. The Fruitvale station will remain open for BART riders during construction, according to BART.


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