Oakland (Calif.)


Another Year, Another Golden State Warriors Celebration Via BART

By Chirag Rabari

The red-hot Golden State Warriors celebrated their third NBA Championship in four years with another mammoth crowd in downtown Oakland on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. People came from all across the San Francisco Bay Area to celebrate, with many arriving on BART. In this video, Mark Jones talks to riders about the numerous advantages of taking public transportation to participate in the festivities. Read More


How Big a House? So Much Depends Upon... Location, Location, Location

By Chirag Rabari
December Map of the Month

The latest Map of the Month from MTC Executive Director Steve Heminger looks at an often under-examined issue in housing policy: How big are the houses? As can be seen, the median square footage of a housing unit can vary widely depending upon the metro area. The San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward metropolitan statistical area, where the median square footage of a housing unit comes in at under 1,300 square feet, is on the smaller side. The largest median housing units are generally found in Southern metros, as well as the Denver-area in Colorado. Read More