Housing Development

I have my housing. You don't? Your problem.
Mark Prado June 3, 2019
By Mark Prado
Transit Oriented Housing

A new article in Slate poses that the housing problem in the Bay Area and throughout the state is a generational issue.

Report: Housing starts sluggish
Mark Prado April 19, 2019
By Mark Prado
Home construction

Despite a large demand for housing, new projects have dipped over the last two years, according to a report in MarketWatch based on federal data released Friday.

Throwback Thursday: What Might Have Been In The Bay Area
Land Use
Mark Prado November 29, 2018
By Mark Prado

A website — www.whatmighthavebeen.squarespace.com — highlights (with illustrations) a number of plans around the region that would have given the Bay Area a much different look today if they had come to fruition.

5/23 MTC Meeting Wrap-Up: Commission Offers Support for Proposed BART TOD Policy, Approves Pilot Program Offering Fare Discounts for Low-Income Transit Riders
Julie Teglovic May 24, 2018
By Julie Teglovic
MTC Commission and staff sitting in the board room.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission held its monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 23. Highlights included the Commission offering a "Support and Seek Amendments" positionon a State Assembly bill related to BART transit-oriented development (prompting a lively debate on regional housing and local zoning control), as well as approval of a pilot program that will provide 20 percent fare discounts to low-income adults on several major Bay Area transit operators. Read on for all the Commission actions of the day, as well as links to the video recording of the meeting and all the handouts.

YIMBYs, NIMBYs and the Data that Unites Them
Chirag Rabari May 23, 2018
By Chirag Rabari
Aerial View of Sonoma County

The latest dispatch from America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers from the U.S. Census provides an in-depth look at how data informs advocacy on both sides of the Bay Area’s housing debate. The story, NIMBY Meets YIMBY: Housing Movement Pushes for More Housing, shows how Census data is used to analyze everything from jobs to housing balance, rent burdens, building permit data and demographic change. From the article: Recently, the quest for housing affordability has dominated the national conversation. According to the 2016 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-Year estimates, 38.2 percent of


An Overview of the 2018 Housing Policy Landscape in California

By Chirag Rabari
Housing Near Milpitas BART Station

Last year was a very active year for housing legislation in California, with approval of a housing package that included new funding for affordable housing as well as some modest regulatory changes. It appears, however, this may have just been a warm-up act for 2018. Currently, there are nearly 20 different major housing bills under consideration by lawmakers in the state’s capitol. Outside organizations are also organizing to place various housing-related measures on the statewide ballot in November 2018. In this post, we’ll provide an overview of these various bills and initiatives and then Read More