Your Turn: Bay Area Transit Fare Coordination Survey Seeks Input

MTC and Bay Area transit agencies want to hear from the public via a survey as they investigate ways to make the region's transit network better coordinated, improving fare policy and the fare payment experience.

Transportation officials are interested in opinions from transit users and are inviting them to share stories about their experiences via the survey at

Respondents are eligible to be randomly selected to win one of four $50 gift cards.

Building on an effort that began in early 2019, in March 2020 MTC awarded a contract directing about $900,000 of Regional Measure 2 toll funds to study fare coordination.

Bringing together local and international fare policy and user research experts to assist MTC and transit operators, the comprehensive study designed to identify practical steps toward integrating the fare structure and polices of the Bay Area’s more than two dozen transit agencies is now underway. 

A significant focus of the project is user research, where the team will work directly with riders and non-riders of the transit system to help design fare policies that will make the system easy to use and incentivize ridership.

The study aims to identify specific barriers related to fares and the customer experience that are limiting ridership growth.

The study, scheduled to conclude in summer 2021, will also pinpoint specific improvements that can be made, and develop a detailed plan for putting the changes into action to make transit more attractive to Bay Area residents.

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