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This week Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day is honoring child who helped desegregate schools

Ruby Bridges
Ruby Bridges being escorted by U.S. Marshals. Wikimedia Commons.

In November 1960, 6-year old Ruby Bridges integrated William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ruby's act of showing up for school each day played an important role in the Civil Rights movement.

To honor her, schools around the region from Vallejo to South San Francisco have been honoring her this week as part of  Ruby Bridges Walk to School DayBridges made an appearance at the event in Alameda.

Since the first event was held in 2018, the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day has grown exponentially. The 2020 walk was the first national event. Last year, the California State Senate passed a resolution recognizing the event, while Ruby Bridges restarted her foundation, making the walk the centerpiece of her organization’s work.

MTC supports Safe Routes to School programs across the Bay Area encouraging safe walking and bicycling to schools.

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