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Wednesday: International Walk and Ride to School Day

International Walk and Bike to School Day
Noah Berger

Wednesday marks International Walk and Ride to School Day. MTC supports Safe Routes to School programs across the Bay Area encouraging safe walking and bicycling to schools.

Schools in counties across the Bay Area are participating in the event. Drivers are asked to be mindful of the event Wednesday as more school children will be on the roads as they participate.

The Safe Routes concept is simple: Create safe pathways to schools allowing children to walk or bike to school in groups. Fewer cars on the roads means better traffic and healthier kids.

MTC’s One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) program funds the Regional Safe Routes to School grant program, which taps federal money to provide about $5 million each year for grants to cities, counties and county transportation agencies to fund:

  • Safe Routes to School program implementation
  • Direct pedestrian and bicyclist safety training and education programs for K-12 students
  • Outreach and encouragement for students and families
  • Infrastructure safety audits around schools.

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