VTA looks at future of light rail

VTA photo

As the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) plans for service post-pandemic and beyond, the agency is looking at the future of light rail in the South Bay.

The agency's current fleet of 98 trains may reach the end of their useful life in a decade or so and a study looking at the future of light rail was undertaken. Conceptual scenarios include continuing the service similar to today but extending the useful life of the light rail fleet while including a look at autonomous technology.

Another option is employing additional bus service with light rail, effectively reducing train operations. In this concept, current light rail right of way could be paved so buses and trains could operate in the same place at different times. Others options are being discussed as well.

Each concept presents its own challenges and costs, according to the agency. The VTA board reviewed the information Feb. 19. MTC and VTA are transportation partners.