Tsunami highlights Bay Area sea level rise

Tsunami sign
Mark Prado

The Bold Italic had an interesting article on the recent tsunami and sea level rise in the Bay Area.

The Bold Italic writes: "(the) tsunami didn’t just bring the Bay Area an immeasurable amount of seawater. It also offered locals a tangible, even tactile glimpse into a future not too far off, should human beings continue playing sheepish with the climate crisis (and all its dystopian outcomes)."

Sea level rise is being addressed on several fronts. Plan Bay Area 2050 — a roadmap for the region produced by MTC and ABAG — studied the issue.

"Plan Bay Area 2050 is just one of the many important efforts to explore sea level rise in the region, building upon the work of others to better understand this challenge," the analysis reads.

And the San Francisco Estuary Partnership is looking at impacts from climate change, including prolonged drought and rising seas, which jeopardize the health of all parts of the Estuary. 

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