Transit agencies take steps to combat COVID

Bay Area ferry
Noah Berger

Bay Area transit is committed to keeping staff and passengers safe during the pandemic. Agencies increased cleaning, installed new air filters, and adopted protocols for their staff. We’re looking at vaccine requirements for transit employees around the region.

- Golden Gate Bridge Transit requires all new hires to be fully vaccinated. The policy does not affect current staff.

- SMART employees must provide proof of full vaccination or submit to weekly testing, which started Dec. 6, 2021. Their previous policy only applied to new hires.

- SamTrans and Caltrain staff needed to be fully vaccinated by Sept. 21, 2021, or submit to twice-weekly testing. Since the announcement in early September, Caltrain and SamTrans haven’t altered the policy.

-  VTA, AC Transit, BART and Muni all require vaccinations for employees and do not offer a weekly testing alternative. Last week, VTA announced their vaccination policy will take effect on April 29. AC Transit’s staff must be vaccinated by March 17, and both Muni and BART’s vaccination requirement dates for staff occurred in 2021.

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