Toks Talks Transportation: New blog from state's top transportation official

Toks Omishakin

Toks Omishakin — Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) — has launched a new blog: Toks Talks Transportation.

Sharing merged perspectives from his secretary, planner, California resident and father roles, Toks Talks Transportation will provide content featuring the secretary’s observations and reflections as they connect to transportation and quality of life for all people.

Secretary Toks is thrilled for this opportunity to explore many vantage points on the important topic of people— and deliver it conversationally.

Additionally, he is excited for members of our CalSTA family to contribute as guest bloggers and share their perspectives as well. All archived blog entries will be housed on this same page.

Omishakin was appointed the Secretary of CalSTA by Governor Gavin Newsom in February 2022. His transportation vision for California features a safe, equitable, sustainable, and multimodal transportation system that builds on strong local partnerships.

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