Throwback Thursday: San Francisco Biking, pre-21st Century

By Mark Prado
San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau photo

With the appearance of dedicated lanes, new rental companies and bike sharing over the last decade, it may seem like bicycling in San Francisco has only been a more recent emphasis.

But a long ago photo says that is not so. Deep in the MTC photo archive is a San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau picture extolling the virtues of San Francisco's then new bike route network.

The picture has no date, but judging from one model's Marcia Brady-inspired knee socks and the other's golf-style plaid pants, we are confidently guesstimating it's from 1971. 

Good to see San Francisco was setting the bike trend so long ago; it's stuck around longer than the plaid pants trend. 

By the way, biking and pedestrian planning is an emphasis at MTC.


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