Throwback Thursday: Embarcadero Freeway

Embarcadero Freeway

Those who are new to the region may be surprised to learn that once there was a freeway that ran along San Francisco's Embarcadero, a structure Mother Nature would eventually help bring down.

The Embarcadero Freeway ran from south of Market Street to Broadway, just over a mile in length. Plans to have it connect to the Golden Gate Bridge never came to fruition.

It was first open in 1959, and despite criticism of its aesthetics and ballot measures to take it down, it was in use until Oct. 17, 1989. On that day the region was shaken by the Loma Prieta Earthquake.

The fury of the 7.1 temblor made the double-decker structure unsafe for use. It eventually was taken down in 1991 and views along the waterfront opened up.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran piece on the freeway in 2017, complete with vintage photos.     

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