Throwback Thursday: 1960s neon nightlife, transit on Market Street

By Mark Prado

A fascinating video of San Francisco's Market Street from 1966 on YouTube shows the city in its full neon glitz, as well as streetcars and buses of the day.

The clear footage shows green and cream colored Presidents' Conference Committee or PCC model streetcars roll past; this was years before the cars could travel underground. MUNI buses with the same green and cream color scheme are also seen. Overhead transit lines to power electric MUNI buses are evident too.

Construction on the street itself can also be seen, with several streets covered with with A-frame barricades. 

The Orpheum Theater was a movie house back then and was showing "Doctor Zhivago" at the time, indicating the Market Street film was shot in December of 1966.  

Much has changed since then, with new MUNI vehicles coming and going. MTC recently provided $97 million in MUNI system upgrades. And no, MTC didn't exist in 1966. It was created in 1970. 




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