Take a survey: Would Marin buses on highway shoulders speed commute?

Marin transportation officials are studying a program that would allow buses to use freeway shoulders to speed travel times, an alignment that has been used successfully in other parts of the country. Now they want to here from you via a survey. Responses need to be in by this Friday.

The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) is undertaking a preliminary study to determine the suitability, benefits, costs, and other considerations to implement part-time transit lane operations along the US 101 corridor from Atherton Avenue/San Marin Drive in Novato to Mission Avenue in San Rafael. This span of highway is approximately 11 miles and features 12 interchanges and local connecting roads, most of which have bus stops.

During commute hours, buses can become tangled in traffic as they cross lanes to get to bus stops on the right side of Highway 101, then cross back over to get back to a carpool lane on the far left of the freeway. By having buses travel on the shoulders, they could more easily pick up and drop off passengers at bus stops, which are in many cases adjacent to those shoulders. The buses could then continue on the shoulder to the next stop without mixing with other traffic, making transit a more attractive travel choice for commuters.

Check out the Video that summarized the Part-Time Transit Lane Study.