Survey: Caltrans wants to hear from you about transit

Muni buses
Mark Prado
Caltrans Bay Area (District 4) is planning how to improve transit on the State Transportation Network (STN) in the Bay Area and wants public input on what investments would help access transit services and improve experiences using transit throughout the Bay Area.
Share your feedback by taking a short survey: Caltrans Bay Area Transit Plan - Public Survey (
The STN is the network of state highways, including freeways and major arterial roadways and related facilities that Caltrans owns and operates. 
This Plan – referred to as the Caltrans Bay Area Transit Plan – will identify infrastructure investments that improve transit speed and reliability, improve access to transit, and encourage more transit use:
The survey results will help Caltrans create a safer, healthier, and more sustainable transportation system in the Bay Area.

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