Survey: Caltrans seeks input on future of US 101 through Marin and Sonoma

Highway 101, Marin County
Highway 101, Marin County
Mark Prado

Caltrans is updating its US 101 North Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan and is seeking input from the community via an online survey.

The long-range plan responds to growing transportation system needs along the corridor in Marin and Sonoma counties. The plan identifies challenges such as congestion and climate change, while evaluating equitable opportunities for bicycle, pedestrian, transit, freight, and rail improvements to support multimodal accessibility

Transportation projects are documented as short, medium and long-term projects to prioritize funding needs for shovel-ready transportation projects. With input from stakeholders and communities, the collaborative plan provides an overall vision for the future of the corridor, according to Caltrans.

¡Queremos escuchar de usted! Encuesta para el Plan Integral y Multimodal del Corredor US 101 Norte

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