Study: Women make up less than 15 percent of transportation workforce

By Mark Prado
Therese McMillan
Therese McMillan will take over as executive director of MTC March 1. She is the first female director of the agency.

Women account for less than 15 percent of the total transportation occupation workforce, according to a new study released Tuesday by the Mineta Transportation Institute  at San Jose State University.

"The attraction and retention of women in the transportation industry is an international challenge, even with the increases in women in the labor force and increases in educational attainment by women," the report notes.

The transportation industry includes any occupation in the field, including engineering, planning, operations, maintenance and research.

While the number of women is growing in the field, the study recommends connecting with young people to promote the industry as a desirable career option, encouraging participation in professional organizations, promoting educational and career opportunities, and focusing on minority recruitment efforts, among other efforts to boost numbers.

MTC commissioners just named the agency's first female executive director, Therese McMillan, who starts March 1.


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