Study: Many Fremont households face quarantine parenting


With lockdown restrictions easing in many areas, parents can breathe a little easier. Three months ago, their duties multiplied overnight to include parenting, working, homeschooling, cooking and entertaining – all at once.

To find out how many parents were in this situation and where they live, RentCafe analyzed the most recent U.S. Census data and ranked the cities with the highest shares of families with kids, single parents and two-parent households.

Here are the highlights for California:

  • California dominates the list of top 10 cities with the highest shares of families with kids in the nation with six cities: Fremont, Santa Ana, Chula Vista, Bakersfield, Stockton, and Anaheim.
  • With children under 18 present in 42% of its households, Fremont ranks third nationally. The city also boasts the largest share of two-parent families with kids in the country, a whopping 91%, followed by Irvine with 83%.
  • Most of the California cities with high shares of families with kids are also among the places with the least apartment space per person in the nation, according to a previous RENTCafe analysis. Renter households in Fremont, Santa Ana, Chula Vista, and Anaheim have to make do with less than 350 square feet per person.

The full RentCafe study here: https://www.rentcafe.com/blog/rental-market/market-snapshots/families-with-kids/.

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